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Rising Ultralight Pliers

We understand that not everyone needs a beefy pair of pliers for their style of fishing. Hell, most of the trout we catch are smaller than the bait some Ocean Anglers use.Similarly, there are many anglers who love scissors and smooth tips on their pliers.

Well, for those of you who like to fish light and only carry the essentials we made the Ultra-Light. This puppy utilizes our 3-Click locking mechanism for the easiest one-hand operating available. When coupled with scissors and a cutting blade and our rubber grip this is a perfect tool for hangin on a lanyard or off your shirt. One other thing - please notice how we use only one spring. Other companies with a similar handle design use two - and two are a pain, they cause the arms to pop open at the worst times. Won't happen with ours.

Rising Ultralight Pliers