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Saturday April 22, 2017 (afternoon) "Distance Fly Casting"

Distance Fly Casting George Roberts with Bill and Sheila Hassan
$75 - 1:30-4:30pm
limit 8
This class is geared to the saltwater fly-fisherman, looking to increase the distance of their average cast. Distance seminars will cover the essential elements of distance casting: proper loading and unloading of the fly rod, forming tight loops, lengthening the casting stroke with drift and perfecting your double haul. 7-10 wt rod with a matching weight forward floating line is ideal (no sinking lines please).

Top quality equipment featuring R.L.Winston Rods and Ross reels can be provided if needed. It is not necessary to purchase equipment before a lesson.

Group limit is 8 people

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    Sheila Hassan
    Sheila is a Federation of Fly Fishers Master Casting Instructor (one of less than 200 in the world) and teaches fly-casting throughout New England. She is the chief instructor / program director at the Wulff School of Fly Fishing in the Catskills, and a member of the TFO Rods , R.L. Winston Rods and Hatch Reels Pro Staff.
    She has traveled extensively catching (and releasing) everything from bluegill to blue marlin, and she holds an IGFA Women's Fly-Rod World Record for both Bonefish, and Bluefish. Sheila performed a number of the fly-casting sequences in George Roberts's book, Master the Cast: Fly Casting in Seven Lessons. She has published her own book,
    Fly Casting : A Systematic Approach. Her second book, "Starting in the Salt: Saltwater FlyCasting" is now available.
    When she is not casting or fly-fishing, she works as a Nurse Practitioner in Boston. She teaches because she loves to share this sport with others.

    Congratulations to Sheila for winning woman's distance casting competition at ICAST 2016. Two years in a row now!

    Capt. Bill Hassan

  • USCG Licensed Captain
  • IFFF MASTER Certified Fly-Casting Instructor
  • TFO Rods - Pro Staff
  • R.L. Winston Rod Co. Pro Staff
  • Hatch Reels Pro Staff
  • Columbia Sportswear , Pro Guide

  • Saturday April 22, 2017 (afternoon) "Distance Fly Casting"