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DVD - Stripers Gone Wild

The more you know about striped bass behavior the more big bass you're going to land. This production took over 4 years to shoot and the content is not only breathtaking, it's as informative as it is beautiful.

Stop fishing. Start Catching!
over 90 min.

The Diving Fisherman takes you into the exciting world of the striped bass for a fisheye view of :

  • Where they feed
  • How they feed
  • What they eat
  • When they eat
  • Where to catch them
  • Where trophy fish swim
  • Your whole family will enjoy watching Stripers gone wild.

  • Learn how to catch more fish from boat or shore
  • Visit New England and New York hot spots
  • Learn how to select the right lures, flies, jigs, and bait
  • Digitally mastered with stereo sound

  • DVD - Stripers Gone Wild