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Ltd Book - Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

Harry Murray discusses all aspects of fly fishing for smallmouth in this important book, from topwater flies, bugs, poppers, and tactics, to new brands of streamer, nymph, and "strymph" fishing that he and others have developed over the years. He explores the bass in its environment - its food and feeding patterns. He also shows how best to read the water; how best to fly fish for smallmouth from boats; better casting techniques for the big flies used; how to tie effective smallmouth patterns; and how to choose the right tackle.With the aid of over 100 helpful illustrations by Dave Whitlock, Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass is a practical and pathbreaking guide to this growing and exciting sport by one of its pioneers. (7 X 9 1/4, 200 pages, b&w photos, illustrations, diagrams, charts)

Ltd Book - Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass