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Book - Spey Casting - 2nd Edition

Casting with a two-handed rod in the style that dates back to mid-1800s Scotland is no easy challenge. It's now popular for all types of fishing, especially when obstructions block the backcast, and for all kinds of fish--trout, striped bass, salmon, and steelhead. Champion spey caster Simon Gawesworth teaches the switch cast, single spey, double spey, snake roll, snap T, and devon switch; discusses the differences between traditional and modern techniques; and recommends the right rods and lines.

About the Author
Simon Gawesworth is regarded as one of the top fly-casting instructors and began teaching the casts on the river Torridge in Devon, England.

Author: Simon Gawesworth
Hardcover: 286 pages
Publisher: Stackpole Books 2nd edition (August 2004)
ISBN: 0811701042
Product Dimensions: 11.3 x 8.8 x 0.9 inches

Book - Spey Casting - 2nd Edition