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Book - The Flyfisherman's Guide to Boston Harbor

This guide covers the water just about every inch of shoreline within Boston Harbor, including the islands. Specifically written with the wading angler in mind (but with plenty of useful information for the boater as well), this guide tells you where, when, and how to best enjoy the many opportunities that Boston Harbor has to offer.

Contains almost two hundred pages of photos, charts, directions, pertinent tide and wind advice, and suggestions for flies and techniques as well as a bit of history and personal comments along the way.

"If there is a more comprehensive guide to fishing the shores of the Boston Harbor area, I'd like to see it! Jack Gartside has produced a book that should be under the front seat of the car of every fisherman who fishes the 50 square miles of the Harbor."
Gene Bourque, On the Water

Book - The Flyfisherman's Guide to Boston Harbor