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Whiting's Saddle Hackle 100 Pack

One of the most popular fly tying products ever produced, the Whiting 100’s Saddle Hackle packs offer convenience beyond compare! The pre-sized Whiting genetic saddle hackle is conveniently accessible within its’ own protective cardboard backer, clearly labeled and ready for tying 100 or more flies per pack.

The packs come in a wide variety of sizes from #8 to #22 available in limited colors. The most popular colors are: Grizzly, Brown, Medium Dun, Black, White, Light Dun, Coachman.

There’s no easier way to crank out a dozen flies on a moments’ notice than with Whiting 100’s Saddle Hackle Packs. Don’t be confused by imposters or copy-cats, there’s only one genuine Whiting 100’s Pack!

We have some packs in stock. If you are trying to tie flies, please call for availability.

Whiting's Saddle Hackle 100 Pack

Not 100 feathers!