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FM - Jonny King's Backcountry Kinky Muddler - Red/White

Soon after the original Kinky Muddler made the rounds Northeastern striper circles, Southern guides began requesting scaled-down versions for backcountry reds, tarpon and snook. Whether on the flats or hidden in the mangroves, these Southern predators blast the pattern. Like it's big brother, this pattern has a broad head but a long soft tail, so the fly darts side-to-side on the retrieve, with the tail wiggling like a real baitfish. The natural tan and grey colors are dead ringers for finger mullet and other mid-sized baitfish, while the attractor colors are great in stained water. Despite its name, the Backcountry Kinky Muddler has also proven to be one of the most effective striper and albie flies when mid-sized baitfish are on the menu, and largemouth and smallmouth bass can't get enough of the pattern.

Creator Jonny King is a lifelong fly fisherman and tier from New York City. Although he has fly fished throughout the United States and in Canada, Central America, South America and the Caribbean, his favorite haunts are the Delaware River System in the Catskills and New York Harbor. He is a well-published author, with works appearing in many domestic and international sporting magazines.

FM - Jonny King's Backcountry Kinky Muddler - Red/White