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Abel Pliers Model #4

In our original notarized tests, they made 1,000+ cuts of 80-pound test Monel wire and 100 cuts of 250-pound Nylon-coated braided wire. After that, they still cut 7X mono.

Need another reason to buy these? The #4 pliers now have a bottle opener machined into the handle.

Secure your pliers to your belt or wading shorts with an optional hand-tooled Latigo leather carrying sheath; and be sure to see our pliers/knife combo.

Abel Pliers come with a curled safety lanyard that may be secured to your belt or its own Latigo leather sheath. The curled lanyard will stretch approximately three feet. Unless you’re fishing almost every day, it is unlikely our tool steel jaws will ever wear out. If it becomes necessary, we will replace them and correctly align the pliers’ jaws at the factory for $20 plus shipping.

Available with anodizing (brown trout shown)

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Length: 6.5"
Weight: 4.1 oz

Abel Pliers Model #4