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Abel Prosek Super 8 Striper Ltd. Ed. 6

A Super 8 fly reel in a striped bass (striper) design inspired by artist and conservationist James Prosek will benefit the Coastal Conservation Association.

Only 100 of the individually colored and anodized reels will be produced. Reels will be accompanied by a signed and numbered 11x14 gicleθ print of a striped bass by Prosek. The print number will correspond to the reel number.

Reel number one and gicleθ print number one have been donated by Abel to the Coastal Conservation Association with all proceeds to the CCA.

The striper reel is the sixth in a series of Prosek-inspired works. Brook trout, west slope cutthroat trout, steelhead, Atlantic salmon and brown trout models preceded the striped bass. All prior reels were quickly sold out.

Funds from the sale of the reel and print will be used by the Coastal Conservation Association for the non-profit organization's conservation efforts which include funding regional fisheries management consultants and educating both the organization's membership and the general public regarding key fisheries issues.

The CCA was founded in 1977 after drastic commercial over fishing along the Texas coast decimated redfish and speckled seatrout populations. Today, the organization is comprised of 17 coastal state chapters spanning the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Prosek, who has authored and/or illustrated Trout an Illustrated History, Trout of the World, Joe and Me, Fly-Fishing the 41st Parallel, Early Love and Brook Trout and a children's book, A Good Day's Fishing, has been called the James Audubon of fish.

These finishes are still available on any Super Series or Big Game reels/spools for the standard prices.

No longer available.

Abel Prosek Super 8 Striper Ltd. Ed. 6