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UFM Glide Line Dressing

Dressing helps cast lines with greater ease, and protects them so they last longer. There are no floating or sinking additives, so Glide will work for ALL your lines. The long-lasting finish will not accumulate unwanted debris

To use the applicator box, simply open and run a small line of Glide down each. Place the line through the box, laying it in the grooves on either end. Close the box, and pull the line through to treat thoroughly.

The box helps ensure a uniform application, as well as cut down on the amount of Glide used as some will accumulate on the Felt as it is re-used.

One oz bottle Glide (can be used with or without the box - 30495)
One oz bottle Glide + Applicator Box (30633)
Applicator Box alone (30630)
4 Replacement Felt Squares for Applicator Box (30631)

UFM Glide Line Dressing

Box may be Green or Red