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SR Ltd. - Adams Family - Black


The Adams is a versatile non-specific mayfly imitation developed by Len Halladay in the '20s for his friend C.F.Adams. It is popular because it mimics a whole range of mayfly duns. Duns are young adult mayflies that have just emerged from their nymphal shuck and are drying their wings in preparation to fly off the surface of the water. Trout can easily see the sailboat shaped duns floating high in the water above them and will come right out of the water to snarf-up such tasty morsels. This is exactly what makes fishing with dry-flies fun and exciting - who wouldn't be thrilled to watch the tables be turned on a voracious predator exploding from the depths to ambush what it perceives to be a helpless, flightless insect?
SR Ltd. - Adams Family - Black