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Tuffleye Core

About Tuffleye
  • Light cured clear acrylic
  • Cures in 10-20 seconds with correct light
  • Core is Harder than epoxy
  • Does not yellow over time
  • Insoluble in fresh and salt water
  • Can add color and texture
  • No mixing, no odor, no harmful residue
  • Easy to use, clean up, and store
  • Biologically and Ecologically safe
  • Temperature and chemical resistant
  • Light proof syringes come with twist off caps and application tips for convenience
  • About the L.E.D. Curing Light Tuffleye uses the blue, visible light spectrum, as in Dentistry, because of it's safety factor over UV light. The visible blue light is used to activate the catalyst in the material. The more intense the beam - the faster the cure. The light should be held about 1/4 inch (5 mm) away from the material being cured. We advise the use of the protective eye shield provided when curing the material. Direct Sunlight will also cause the "Tuffleye" material to cure.

    The Tuffleye Kits come with one high quality and very versatile light. It contains a high intensity and high quality LED rated to last between 75,000 - 100,000 hours.This light will cure the "Tuffleye" material completely in about 10-20 seconds and has been developed specifically for this purpose. It is capable of running on either 3AAA batteries or the AC current with the adaptor included. The AC adaptor is able to self adjust an electric current from either 100 or 240 volts (making International tiers happy). The lights also features micro circuitry that will notify the user of the intensity of the DC current. When there is not enough battery power to adequately cure the Tuffleye material, a red light will appear. This will notify you to either place fresh batteries or move to an AC power source.

    Tuffleye Core

    Requires Tuffleye Light