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DVD - Panfish & Bass w/ Larry Dahlberg - by Scientific Anglers

Larry Dahlberg takes the mystery out of warmwater fly fishing with a fun, fast approach that stresses how easy it is to catch fish on flies.
Approx 58 minutes

Not only is fly fishing one of the most productive ways to catch fish, but it's also a lot easier than you think. Outdoor adventurer Larry Dahlberg show you just how easy it can be. Action-packed demonstrations and background information make it easier than ever to be a successful angler. Easy casting excercises you can do right in your backyard. Proper techniques for handling a fly rod and reel. Simple knot-tying and fly-rigging instructions for panfish and bass. How to find the fish most easily caught on flies. The best flies for panfish, bass, and other species. Knowing which flies to use in which conditions. Simple fly patterns you can tie yourself. Interactive DVD with bonus pike section and fly tying section.


  • Casting exercises
  • Proper techniques
  • Knot tying and fly rigging
  • How to find fish most easily caught on flies and the flies that catch them
  • DVD - Panfish & Bass w/ Larry Dahlberg - by Scientific Anglers