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DVD - The Essence of Flycasting

From the basics of good hand position to the complexities of presentation and the double haul – this modern manual has it all. Fishing sequences in the Bahamas, Oregon, Florida, and Alaska add to the excitement. The result is teaching at its best.

DVD Bonus Selections

  • Flyfishing Moments: A medley of music and visuals created by Michael Wanger, a three-time Emmy Award nominee
  • A complete flyfishing glossary
  • Mel’s Reminders
  • Mel Krieger is widely recognized internationally as the foremost instructor of flycasting today. His teachings have established world wide standards in flycasting.

    Actors: Mel Krieger Format: Color, NTSC
    Number of discs: 1
    Studio: Krieger Enterprises
    DVD Release Date: February 20, 2003
    Run Time: 80 minutes

    DVD - The Essence of Flycasting