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Rising Work Pliers

Rising has designed the best Nymph tool available - the 6" Work pliers do everything a modern Nymph angler demands: Crimp weight, remove all sizes and types of weight, cut tippet or wire, easily attach to vest or pack, weight next to nothing, and offer true one-handed operation. Another GUIDE FAVORITE. !

Length: 6"
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 2.35 oz
Colors: Red or Black

Length: 8.5"
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 4 oz
Colors: Red or Black

The Work pliers look like are a cross between needle nose pliers and a hemostat. In hand they feel relatively light, certainly lighter than the vast majority of pliers you've used before.

Rising advocates catch and release and this tool help makes that easier. Notice the "KEEP FISH IN H20" etching.

The "hole" is for attachment for stowing when on the go. This is possible because the tool can be locked securely in a closed position.

The Work's quality cutter was good for cutting mono, braid, and even light wire.

Three notches apply varying pressure when clamped closed and allow you to clamp onto items with less hand fatigue(such as a hook while a fish is thrashing about).

Rising Work Pliers