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Whiting's American Rooster Saddle

NOT PICTURED: Black, White
DOW Shrimp Orange, DOW Highlander Green, DOW Tan, Natural Medium Dun

DOW Red, DOW Orange, DOW Yellow, DOW Olive

DOW Silver Doctor Blue, Grz Highlander Green, DOW Dark Olive, Grz Olive

DOW Pink, DOW Purple, Natural Light Dun, Natural Grizzly

Grz Green Chartreuse, DOW Green Chartreuse, Grz Yellow Chartreuse, DOW Yellow Chartreuse

Saltwater and Warm water flies never seen better. Whiting's American fly tying feathers were specifically engineered to provide the best saltwater and warm water large feather hackle necessary for the rigors of tying and fishing large lies. American feathers provide a stiff quill, dense barb and webbing and superbly dyed colorfast colors perfect for saltwater and warm water applications. Whiting was the first to offer genetic saltwater and warm water tying feathers.

Whiting's American Rooster Saddle