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Dyna-King 90 degree Handle Extension

A convenient option for the Barracuda line of Vises providing ease in rotary tying.

Sizes Small and Large. Size Small is for older model Barracuda Juniors with the 3/16”diameter stick handles only. Size Large is for all other rotary vises with Ό” diameter stick handles.

Installation- Simply remove the black Delrin ball from the end of your stick handle; fit the 90 ° Handle Extension onto the end of your stick handle and tighten with the provided 3/32” hex wrench.

Please note the Trekker vise stick handle will not have a black Delrin ball. Should you have an older model Barracuda Junior vise please measure the diameter of your stick handle to be sure we provide you with the correct size Handle Extension.

Dyna-King 90 degree Handle Extension