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Book - Fly Fishing for Bonefish, New and Revised

Revised for 2008 including: Recent bonefish research, New feeding behavior datan Prey preferences discovered, Newly created fly patterns, Recent destination changes, New advice for stripping, hooking up, & playing fish, Dealing with wind, Better fish spotting techniques, New equipment available

From the Inside Flap

Fly Fishing for Bonefish offers a definitive profile of this elusive fish and thoroughly describes the skills needed to catch it. Author Dick Brown shows how to find and see bonefish—how to spot feeding and mudding signs; how to understand the camouflage techniques the fish employs; and how temperature, tide, and weather all affect fish movement. He instructs how to target cruising and tailing fish, which stripping techniques work best, how to set your drag, and the most effective ways to strike and fight bonefish.

An especially crucial section instructs the reader on fly selection and design, with color plates of more than seventy patterns tied by some of the most innovative fly tyers in the world, including Carl Richards, Craig Mathews, Jack Gartside, Jeffrey Cardenas, Lefty Kreh, Ben Estes, Tim Borski, and Jim Orthwein, among others.

The author also catalogs major bonefish destinations around the world. With its many photographs, dozens of line drawings by Bob White, and authoritative and extensive text, Fly Fishing for Bonefish is the definitive book on the species that is one of the greatest challenges in fly fishing.

From the Back Cover (Praise for the previous edition)

“Dick Brown’s bonefish book is superb! I’ve read it three times. Every fisherman ought to have this, not only the saltwater addict. This is one of the few fishing books that I’ve ever read that appears impossible to improve.”
—Gene Hill, author of Hill Country and Just Tailfeathers

“Dick Brown’s book is your American Express card to bonefishing—whether you’re a novice planning your first trip or a veteran of the flats, you shouldn’t leave home without it. The section on bonefish habits and behavior alone makes Fly Fishing for Bonefish an instant classic. The book fills a gaping hole on the shelves of angling literature and is without question the definitive work on bonefish and how to catch them.”
—William Tapply, author of Home Water, Gone Fishin’, and Nervous Water

“The best and most comprehensive book about fly-rod bonefishing to date!”
—Frank Woolner, former editor, Salt Water Sportsman Magazine, and author of Modern Saltwater Sport Fishing

“This book is by far the best and most complete work on bonefish ever written. It covers every aspect of the sport, including the biology of Albula vulpes, innovative fly patterns, strategies on the flats, how to spot fish, fish the tides, and much, much more. Brown is an expert bonefish hunter and superb fly tyer. His extensive experience is augmented by that of dozens of other experts. This book is a must-read for beginners and experts alike!”
—Carl Richards, co-author of Backcountry Fly Fishing in Salt Water, Fly Fishing Strategy, Prey, and Selective Trout

Book - Fly Fishing for Bonefish, New and Revised