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Monic Micro Double Taper Line


The Monic Micro Double Taper draws from the engineering success of the Skyline series with its gel-spun polyethylene core and polyethylene blend coating. In this Double Taper fly line, sensitivity and precision become unmatched.

Temperature Sensitivity
Fly fishing is a year-round sport and takes place in a variety of locations and environmental situations. For years, fly lines have been marketed as cold water, arctic, tropical, still water, warm water, etc. This delineation of the product line causes complexity for both anglers and fly shops. Impact fly lines are suitable for all temperatures. A Monic fly line will perform equally well in all temperatures, whether it is used in icy winter waters with snow on the riverbank or if it is being directed toward warm-water species during summer outings. This saves the angler time, money, confusion, and space.

Unlike vinyl, or PVC fly lines, the clear, polyethylene coating on GSP Skyline does not contain the volatile chemicals that must be added to PVC in order to create a fly line. This shift in technology is important to maintain the durability of the line. Previously, these chemicals would constantly migrate into the environment. This is why we steer away from PVC baby toys and food containers—they emit poison. As those chemicals migrate out of the plastic, a void is created in the compound. Not only does this alter the compound from its initial characteristics, but that void forces the compound to crack over time. This is where the circumferential cracks on a PVC fly line are born. Add dirt, oil, and other foreign debris to the cracks and performance degrades. Monic lines do not lose material over time, and therefore do not crack. This is important in the overall durability of the line and its performance longevity for the angler.

Strength and Stretch
The core found in the MDT fly line has a breaking strength of 50 pounds making it the strongest double taper fly line available. The complete lack of stretch in these fly lines, compounded with the strongest core available, translates the most subtle of takes back to the hand of the angler to virtually eliminate the chances of missing fish. Even the longest of casts can now be paired with long-distance hooksets without loss in reaction time due to fly line stretch.
Factory-welded loops are additionally reinforced to the point where the loop weld will actually outperform the core strength. This unmatched strength is critical at these high-stress locations.

When you add things to the coating, such as micro balloons to make it float, those particles make their way to the surface of the fly line and create an abrasive quality. This abrasion causes cuts in the hands and noise on the guides of the rod. The smooth finish found on Monic lines remains smooth over time and has a better feel in the hand of the angler.

Made in the USA
Monic Fly Lines are made by the hands of a few dedicated individuals in Boulder, Colorado – USA. The line, its core, the spools, the box, and even the ink and labeling are all made in the USA.

Monic Micro Double Taper Line