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Cortland Precision Quick Descent 24' Sink Tip Line

Precision® Quick Descent™ lines are the perfect choice for getting down deep – and fast. Unlike shooting heads that “hinge” instantly and are prone to tangling, the Quick Descent lines feature a beefy, elongated rear taper to provide a smooth transition from a fast-sinking head to a well-mannered running line for less kick when they turn over – and easier handling on the retrieve. Available with either 15-foot or 24-foot tips that sink 8 inches per second, they are offered in a choice of color-coded grain weights to quickly and easily load 5- through 10-weight rods.

Type: 24' type 8 Sink Tip w/Floating running line
Taper: WF
Color: Varies w/ Black Head
Core: Braided Multifilament Nylon
Length: 100'
dual loops

Cortland Precision Quick Descent 24' Sink Tip Line