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DVD - Location X

No maps. No GPS coordinates. Just the finest tarpon fishing ever caught on film. We blindfold world class anglers. Fly them in. Drive them to the water. And share shocking footage of unwary tarpon swimming at the boat in clear water - daring us to cast a fly. The location will not be revealed out of respect for the fishery, but we show you every sparkling detail.

The DVD includes extended fight scenes, special tarpon-to-fly luring footage, behind the scenes footage and more. The Location X DVD also includes things not seen on TV, including new (unseen) tarpon action on the fly, off-boat interviews, new extended fight footage of "Greg's Giant", behind the scenes footage, and more! Note on DVD exclusive: The Location X DVD also includes two special-edition how-to fly tying tutorials (the Toad and the Location X Floating Fly) with master tyer Matti Majorin.

DVD - Location X