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William Joseph Mosquito Annoyer

Yes, we can hear your grumbling, “gimmick...crap...that will never work” and so on. However, when you consider a tube of decent bug repellent cost upwards of $ 10.00 and then ruins $70.00 worth of clothing and line, it might be worth it to try something else. Here’s the premise: The only mosquitoes that bite are the pregnant females (go figure.) This little box emits the sound of the “horny male” mosquito, which she now has great disdain for. So instead of sticking around to hear all this guy's cat calls and pick up lines, she goes elsewhere. Our testing has found it to be very effective.

(Does not eliminate all bites, but about 95 to 98% of them, which ain’t bad.)


  • Yes, it really works!
  • Solar Powered LED light with back up battery
  • Attachment clip clips to your shirt, vest or whatever
  • Beats the hell out of slathering yourself with DEET
  • Eliminates almost all mosquito bites (there must be a few that are just too pissed off to care)

  • William Joseph Mosquito Annoyer