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Loon Swax

Dubbing waxes in both high and low tack formulas. Low tack has proven superior for small flies where fine detail work is necessary. High tack works best with flies requiring a higher buildup of dubbing.
1 oz.

LOW TACK SWAX: Nobody likes sticky fingers, and we mean nobody. That is why we created our Swax Low Tack dubbing wax. Allowing you to apply just enough dubbing to the finest of threads while helping to craft realistic looking bodies on smaller dry flies and nymphs. Ideal for use with patterns that require less bulk, Swax will easily wash from your hands leaving your fingers stick-free!

HIGH TACK SWAX : If you’re looking to bulk it up, Swax High Tack dubbing wax is the product for you. The added tack is designed to allow application of an ample amount of dubbing wax even to the finest of threads without making a mess of your hands. Environmentally friendly, Swax washes clean from your hands when you are finished bulking up!

Loon Swax