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Abel Limited Edition Super 10 Western Rivers Conservancy

Abel - Western Rivers Conservancy Reel

to Benefit Protection of Great Western Streams

Abel is rolling out a limited edition reel to benefit Western Rivers Conservancy’s work to protect outstanding streams in the western United States.

To support Western Rivers Conservancy, Abel has produced 75 anodized, Super 7 and Super 10 slate-colored reels specially engraved with the Conservancy’s logo.

“We see Western Rivers Conservancy working to create a legacy of healthy fishing streams, and we’re proud to support that legacy,” said Don Swanson, Abel’s President. “The Limited Edition Abel - Western Rivers Conservancy Reel is a great way for anglers to help protect cherished rivers and fish.”

Since 1990, Western Rivers Conservancy - a Portland, Oregon-based nonprofit - has protected legendary fishing holes and hundreds of river miles along such streams as the Madison, Smith, Sandy and Skagit, among many others. Western Rivers Conservancy’s mission is to protect outstanding rivers in the West by buying the land alongside them. The Conservancy works to protect critical habitat while providing for compatible access for fishing and recreation.

“We’re in the business of saving rivers, and land acquisition is our specialty,” said Don Elder, an avid angler and Director of Major Gifts for Western Rivers Conservancy. “Using a market-based approach, we bring creativity, flexibility and persistence to the task of buying and conserving river real estate.”

The aim of the Abel - Western Rivers Conservancy Reel campaign is to help secure permanent protection for the most outstanding rivers of the West, ensuring that native fish runs survive for our children and grandchildren.

The total value of Abel’s contributions is expected to exceed $25,000. With the support of the angling community, the campaign will leverage more than $100,000 to directly advance Western Rivers Conservancy’s work to purchase and protect land along these great fishing rivers:

Hoh River, Washington: Building on 4,700 acres and 14 river miles acquired to date, Western Rivers Conservancy now aims to purchase the last 3,700 acres to protect one of the finest remaining salmon and steelhead runs in the country.

Klamath River, California: Establishing a 20,000-acre salmon sanctuary along Blue Creek, a critical tributary and refuge for threatened salmon and steelhead.

John Day River, Oregon: Conserving 16 miles of riparian habitat and angler access along the Wild and Scenic John Day, one of the greatest summer steelhead rivers in the West.

These rivers and a hundred others are places where, year after year, anglers make their pilgrimage to some of the finest fly water in the world.

“You know that trip. You prepare for it for weeks,” Elder said. “You triple-check your gear, your flies. Maybe it’s to the spot where you caught your first steelhead. Or learned how to fly fish. It’s the trip you look forward to all year, to a special river that means so much more to you than just rocks and water.”

“That’s what this limited edition reel stands for - protecting those memorable trips, those outstanding rivers,” Elder said.

The Limited Edition Abel - Western Rivers Conservancy Reel is available in the Large Arbor Super 7 and Super 10 models, each with a solid frame in the slate color.

The Limited Edition Abel - Western Rivers Conservancy Super 7 Reel is priced at $785. The Limited Edition Abel - Western Rivers Conservancy Super 10 Reel is priced at $895. For each reel purchased, Abel will give the customer a complimentary one-year membership to Western Rivers Conservancy. It is available through authorized Abel Dealer the "Bear's Den" today.

Abel Limited Edition Super 10 Western Rivers Conservancy