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Rising Special Blend Lippa4Life

Length: 8"
Weight: 2.35oz
Color: Black
Available in Lippa Alone $38, Lippa w/Leash $44, Lippa w/Leash & Holster/File $73, or Full Lippa Rig $94.50 (w/Leash, Holster, File, & 8.5" Big Needle Plier)

Now it is the same shape as the USA Aluminum verions, shares the exact same internal compression springs, and custom stainless fastener, but made of Dylan's "special blend" composite to miximize strength and minimize weight.

Catch and Release doesn't mean much if the fish is scratched, dropped, and mishandled while you try to take the hook out of their lip - this is why we invented the Lippa4Life. By using the Lippa, one is able to control a fish by holding onto their lower jaw thereby making it easier to remove the hook. If the fish is not excessively large, it is better still to hold the fish by the lower jaw and roll it on its back - as this subdues the fish quickly. We have successfully used it on barracudas, large trout, steelhead and carp. The Lippa allows an angler to control a fish more easily than with their hands, and less abrasively than with a net (if they have one on them). It is, however, important to always minimize the amount of movement in the fish while holding them with the Lippa - no reason to hurt the jaw. That said, we have had reports of Steelhead and Dolly Vardens injured when thrashing - best way to minimize damage to jaws is to release pressure when fish thrashes. Similarly, with Pike and Muskie the lower jaw is very thin and delicate so best to lip them on the top jaw.

So this baby will never rust, has larger range of motion, is unbreakable, and crazy light. Like its more expensive brother, this lippa has a 1/8" gap in the jaws and rounded corners in the jaw area to protect the fish. It differs in that it is injection molded "special blend" of glass and nylon.. (took us a while, and some $ to determine the right % blend).

This version of the Lippa4Life will be our most popular in that it is the least expensive way for anglers to try out the Lippa way of landing and releasing fish. Similarly, it is a great tool to have for infrequent trips to the salt water - or when combined in the LippaRig it makes a nice additional tip for hard working guides.

Rising Special Blend Lippa4Life