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Partridge Klinkhamer 15BN

Straight eyed, Black Nickel, Slightly Curved Shank, Fine Wire
This hook was popularized by Hans Von Klinken with the "Klinkhamer" fly pattern. It has become accepted as a great all-purpose parachute emerger hook. The straight eye keeps the fly floating at the surface.

AboutPartridge Trout Hooks:
In the past year we have re-introduced a number of standard and heavy wire classics and continue to modernise the range with the introduction of the Dry Fly Supreme and some classics in a black nickel finish. As this hook guide goes to press we will be changing the sizing on three oversized Partridge classics, 15BN, 15BNX and K12ST - for many years these patterns have confused fly dressers as their sizing did not conform with the standard Redditch scale.

Partridge Klinkhamer 15BN