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River Roe - Blood Dots - Orange

The original Blood Dot was named by the staff and contract fly tiers at International Angler, a fly shop in Pittsburgh, PA. They conjured the name after Jeff Blood showed them a fly he made to imitate the translucency of natural steelhead eggs and to depict the yoke of the egg. It started out as “Blood’s Dot” and morphed into the Blood Dot.
The term today has been misconstrued by some to mean any egg pattern with a dot. The “Blood” connotation has also been misconstrued to imply the yoke.
The Blood Dot is a very distinct pattern and looks, acts and fishes differently than most egg patterns. What differentiates the Blood Dot from other egg imitations is how closely it imitates natural eggs in size, color and silhouette. Additionally the pattern behaves like a naturally drifting egg when immersed in water and once saturated it becomes translucent and the yoke can be seen as an internal dot just like the real thing.
The Blood Dot is most effective in clear to moderately colored water.

River Roe - Blood Dots - Orange