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River Roe - Scrambled Eggs - Cerise

Tracking the origin of this imitation has been difficult at best. It is believed to come from fishermen in up-state New York who fish Lake Ontario. Although the person who actually originated the pattern is unknown, it became popular in the early 1980s and was tied commercially with local Lake Erie shops.
The difference in the River Roe pattern verses most commercially tied patterns is that the Glo Bug material used in the original Scrambled Egg pattern is simply a strip of material cut and tied in to the hook. River Roe Scrambled Egg patterns strip the lank of yarn into multiple strips from one strand of material.
The fly is tied with the same area, but is much less dense. Therefore the fly maintains the same size, shape and color but takes on a more translucent appearance. They are also tied on heavy wire scud hooks which maintain the spherical appearance found in fish eggs.

River Roe - Scrambled Eggs - Cerise