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Cortland Precision Liquid Crystal Tarpon Line - Blue

You don’t always need a completely invisible line, and some anglers (and their guides) prefer a line that’s easy to see. Visibility helps with loop control when casting and makes it easier to locate your fly when it’s underwater. The new Sky Blue Liquid Crystal™ is made with the same polyethylene coating, but it is extruded over a blue-tinted monofilamant core. The line fades from stronger blue color in the center to a light blue tint on the outer edges, making the line easy to see from above, while providing a subtle, blurry profile when viewed by a fish from below the surface. We believe the Sky Blue Liquid Crystal is the perfect compromise, offering a line that’s nearly invisible to the fish but easily seen by anglers and their guides.

Type: Floating
Taper: WF
Color: Sky Blue
Core: Monofilament
Length: 90'
dual loops

Cortland Precision Liquid Crystal Tarpon Line - Blue