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xBrodin Pro Series Steelhead Net


  • 25.5" overall length
  • 13" by 18" opening
  • 6.75" handle
  • Soft nylon net bag
  • This net is ideally suited for fish up to 30". This not only includes steelhead but fish on many tailwater and small lakes. We know of places in Wyoming, Montana and Georgia where the trout are enormous. Because the net is larger we have added an extra ply on the bow (5 total) for added strength. And as with all of our larger nets, we have added a re-enforcing strip on the inside of the bow where the bow meets the handle. This makes the net incredibly strong.
    We do not recommend this net unless you know that you have a good chance of getting into good sized fish.

    xBrodin Pro Series Steelhead Net