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xBrodin Pro Series Pere Marquette Net

Named after a famous steelhead river in Michigan, this is the net for big fish. Although many fishermen like to beach their fish, this is not always advisable or even an option. The Pere Marquette river is not unusually large especially in the catch and release section and you are often fishing with your back to willow thickets. It is impossible to get to shore. A net is imperitave. The extra length of the handle makes it easier to net a big fish. The long handle can be leveraged against your forearm so that not all the work is done by your wrist. As with all of our larger nets, this one has a re-enforced yoke for strength.

Pro Series Net
  • 33" overall length
  • 14" by 19" opening
  • 13" handle
  • 5-ply bow
  • extra re-enforcement at the yoke
  • Soft nylon net bag
  • It also makes a great canoe net.
    We do not recommend this net unless you know that you have a good chance of getting into good sized fish.

    Choose 1 of 3 Woods for Handle

    xBrodin Pro Series Pere Marquette Net