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Skin Blockers Swamp Juice Insect Repellant

Swamp Juice repels a variety of blood feeding insects such as, Mosquitoes, Ticks, No-See-Ums, Chiggers, Fire Ants, Gnats, Flies, and MORE, with NO DEET.

The Formula

  • Skin Blockers Swamp Juice only contains ingredients that are classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA.
  • The Swamp Juice repellency comes from the active ingredient, GERANIOL, classified by the EPA as a minimal risk pesticide. It is derived from naturally occurring plant oils. Geraniol is a non-flammable, water insoluble alcohol which maintains its water resistance and insect repellency for up to 6 hours on skin and 24 hours on fabrics, depending on environment.
  • Entomologists have compiled 10 years of research and testing to provide the following published results: Geraniol at a 5% concentration is more effective (fewer bites) than DEET at a 10% concentration for mosquitoes. Furthermore, Geraniol at a 10% concentration is more effective (fewer bites) than DEET at a 10% concentration in repelling no-see-ums (biting midges and gnats), ticks, and flies (deer, horn, stable, horse, and black), and fire ants. In Swamp Juice, a minimum concentration of 20% Geraniol provides maximum protection and long lasting effectiveness
  • Swamp Juice has been tested by ICEUS, Inc. staff and friends in Canada, Central America, South America, Africa, and from the everglades of Florida to Alaska in the US. In every instance, the response was enthusiastically positive and Swamp Juice proved to be preferred over products containing 30% or more DEET.
  • Swamp Juice has a pleasant natural floral odor. Our test market conclusively proved its fragrance was not considered objectionable by its users. Although the scent may be too strong for some deer hunters, it is still better and much safer than the DEET alternative.
  • Swamp Juice may be applied to clothing near exposed skin. This is especially effective for use with small children, as it can be safely applied to socks, collars, hats, and sleeves. If staining of very delicate fabrics is a concern, always pretest on an inconspicuous area.
  • Care should be taken to insure that Swamp Juice is kept away from eyes, lips, and other sensitive skin areas. It should not be applied to the hands of young children whose hands may end up in the mouth or eyes. It can sting when applied over cuts, abrasions, or irritated skin. Individuals who are extremely sensitive to products containing alcohol (such as aftershave) should use caution. Swamp Juice may be safely used on children over six months of age and most adults who are not sensitized by alcohols, by carefully following the label instructions.

    The package
    Skin Blockers Swamp Juice is now available in two different packages to offer more versatility when using insect repellant. We offer our towelettes and have four ounce bottles with pump spray tops, which are advantageous to those wanting to put Swamp Juice on their clothing, boots, hats and outer garments.
    The Skin Blockers Swamp Juice wipe package also has many advantages:

  • This sealed flexible pouch ensures maximum potency and protects against contamination until the exact moment application is required
  • The individually sealed towel will not leak, crack, or spill. The pouch fits easily into pockets, purses, fanny packs, tackle boxes, car and boat compartments, backpacks, travel cases, and more. The three year shelf life of the unopened pouches allows them to be placed everywhere; conveniently waiting until they are needed.
  • Each individual towel contains enough Swamp Juice to apply a thin coating to face, neck, arms, and hands.
  • The towel may be stored in the pouch for reuse and is reusable until completely dry.
  • Where insect exposure is heavy, combined with high temperatures and humidity, reapplication several times from the same towel may be necessary during the exposure period. Conversely, where insect exposure is average, combined with milder environmental conditions, the single towel may be used and then placed back in its pouch for future use as long as it remains moist. In either case, Swamp Juice in your pocket can do the job.
  • Skin Blockers Swamp Juice Insect Repellant