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Loon Bio-Glow

Night fishing has never been easier. With Loon’s Glow-in-the-Dark Biostrike, we make it that much easier to catch fish in the dark. Just apply the putty to your leader, charge with the UV Mini Lamp or UV Power Light and within seconds your strike indicator is glowing bright. Now there is no reason to call it a day just because the sun goes down.

~ Glow in the dark putty strike indicator
~ Easily create indicator to your desired size
~ Use with small dry flies to increase visibility
~ Reusable
~ Biodegradable

Directions for use:
Wet fingers and remove Bio-Glow from container. The amount depends on the weight of the flies being fished. Roll Bio-glow into a football shape and apply to leader at desired depth. Charge Bio-Glow with UV Mini Lamp or UV Power Light. After fishing, remove Bio-Glow from leader and return to container.

1 oz.

Loon Bio-Glow