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DVD - The One - by Gray Ghost Productions

This adventure takes you to far away places like Anegada BVI in search of the elusive Pitbull of the Sea. Join the infamous Bosedoes as they travel behind closed gates in remote Maine for trophy squaretails. Head off the grid with Luke Gray to untouched water, or hear the scream of the reel as he hunts for warm water treasures with Mike Jones. From Canada's wilderness to island living, and of course the North East at it's best, life on the road has never been so thrilling. Between high water, paddle jumpers, purple haze, remote locales, conservation, big bugs, and generous grins, this film goes on forever, and the party never ends. Join these fly fishing addicts on their quest for the endless drift with a heading of "East by North East".

Approx 70 minutes

DVD - The One - by Gray Ghost Productions