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HMH Premium Hybrid Tubes

These new HMH Hybrid Tubes are rugged enough to tie on directly. They'll also nest perfectly with our HMH Micro Tubing to create flies with standard drilled cone and bead heads or flies with smaller heads and tapered bodies. No need for junction tubing as the Hybrid tubes come in two sizes (large and med.) to accommodate most hook eye sizes. The HMH Micro Tubing works equally well with both sizes of Hybrid Tubing. Comes in 36" lengths.

Lg (0.085 ID x 0.125 OD) or Medium (0.070 ID x 0.100 OD)
36" per pack
5 Colors - Clear, Chartreuse, Fl Pink, Fl Orange, Black

HMH is pleased to announce their new Hybrid Tubes - tubing designed specifically for tube flies.
HMH Hybrid tubes are offered in two sizes, medium (.070 I.D x .100 O.D) and large (.085 I.D. x .125 O.D) and five colors - fl. chartreuse, fl. orange, fl. pink, black and clear.

These tubes are rugged enough to tie on directly. Or, both sizes of the HMH Hybrid Tubing will nest perfectly with our HMH Micro Tubing (both HMH Standard Micro Tubing and HMH Thick Walled) to create flies with standard drilled cone and bead heads or flies with smaller heads and tapered bodies.

The two sizes of the New Hybrid Tubing will accommodate a very wide range of hook-eye sizes. There is no need for junction tubing when using the HMH Hybrid Tubes. If using hooks with large to extra large hook-eyes, order the large Hybrid Tubing. For smaller hook-eyes order the medium Hybrid Tubing. Unlike some other tube materials, the HMH Hybrid Tubing is made of a material that resists cracking or splitting at the hook eye.

Both the Hybrid and Micro Tubing are sold individually in three foot lengths.

How to nest HMH plastic tubes
When nesting HMH Hybrid Tubes there is no need for glue. Simply insert Micro tubing within the larger tube leaving the smaller tube exposed at both ends of the larger diameter tube. Melt back a small nipple of plastic on the tip of the exposed Micro tube (rear of fly) using a lighter. Once cooled, pull the small tube (nipple end) inside the larger diameter tube. The nipple should be seated approximately 1/4" to 3/8" inside the larger tube (rear of fly).

Cutting a point on the front of the larger tube (see image below) will help to taper your tying surface as well as allow the thread to further bind the two tubes together. Mount nested tubes for tying with pins or mandrels (.041 for standard HMH Micro Tubing or .031 for thick wall HMH Micro Tubing) within the eye of the tube tool or in the chuck of the Spinner, Tube Vise Converter or Premium Tube Vise.

Straightening HMH Hybrid Tubing
Every once and a while you may get a piece of HMH Hybrid tubing that needs to be straightened. This tubing will have a memory for the same shape it is cooled in. Therefore, all one needs to do to straighten Hybrid tubing is to hold it under hot running water for a few seconds and then simply pull it straight (just hard enough to straighten the material and not stretch it) for just a few seconds while the material cools. Now you have a very straight piece of Hyrbid tubing that you can cut to length.

HMH Premium Hybrid Tubes

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