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Revivex Detergent / Cleaner


Specialized waterproof clothing detergent is designed to clean all types of outerwear including rainwear, waders, soft shells, fleece and synthetic insulation. Essential preparation for treatment with Revivex Water Repellents. This waterproof clothing detergent is ideal for Gore-Tex® garments, Windstopper® garments and other waterproof breathable garments.

Regular household detergents leave residues on garments that damage the performance of water repellent finishes. ReviveX Synthetic Fabric Cleaner is the result of a research program to develop the finest cleaner for the newest high-tech ffabrics. This specialized formula is ideal for all types of Rainwear, soft shell garments, synthetic fleece, etc. Designed to prepare outerwear for treatment with Revivex Water Repellents. Environmentally Friendly formula, free of optical brightness and other UV agents.

12 oz. bottle
Concentrated formula will clean ~21 garments.

Revivex Detergent / Cleaner