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Tenkara YAMAME 12' 7:3

Length: 12ft
Closed length: 21 1/4 inches (including 1/2" cap)
Number of segments: 9
Handle length: 10.5 inches
Weight: 3.6oz

Updates (12/15/09): We have made a couple of tweaks to the Yamame rod: It's now slightly softer than the previous version, a true 7:3 rod - continues to be a great rod for larger fish, but feels more delicate when casting; we added contours to the handle for better balance - to make the rod feel lighter - and for increased comfort. We also modified the finish of the tip and started using resin instead of the previous metal sleeve, which we feel is more durable.Currently our bestseller.

Named after one of the most prevalent fish in the mountain streams of Japan, this is the rod with most backbone Tenkara currently offers. Currently the bestseller 11/20/09.

This 7:3 rod is ideal for landing larger fish, yet it has enough tip action and sensitivity that even small fish feel great with it. If you're planning on fishing for bass or consistently catching larger fish (>16"), this is the rod we recommend. Since less of the rod flexes when casting, casting feels very precise.

The handle feature a curve near the bottom, and allows for comfortable gripping by smaller and medium hands, but it's best suited for larger hands.

These rods have a subdued matte finish, which was chosen for its "camouflage" effect. We took most of the gloss out of these rods to reduce any glare and their visibility to fish in places with more tree cover.

Tenkara YAMAME 12' 7:3