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Tenkara USA Handle Add-On

ROD HANDLE REPLACEMENT/UPGRADE FOR IWANA - Handle only (includes screw cap and top plug). Make your 12ft rod an 11ft rod.

This is the replacement, upgraded handle for the Iwana - originally offered to replace the handle on the Series 1 rods. This item can also turn your Iwana rod into a shorter if you wish. The handle is longer with two contoured parts of the grip. We also improved the cork quality.

If you have the old series of the Iwana rods (distinguished by the shorter 9 inch handle), this is an upgrade for your rod.

NOTE: You may get a handle to make your rod shorter, but not longer. For example: If you have a 12ft Iwana, you could get the handle marked as 11ft to shorten it. If you have a 11ft rod, you can not increase the length of your rod with the new handle.

Tenkara USA Handle Add-On