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DVD - Secrets of the Striper Pros - Volume 1 & 2

Just when you thought you were going to have to brave another cold New England winter and suffer the depression that comes with striper withdrawal, Laptew Productions comes to the rescue with a brand new DVD.

“Secrets of the Striper Pros Volume 1 & 2” is a compilation of strategies and tactics used by more than 16 of the most respected and accomplished captains, surf fishermen, authors and tournament winning anglers. I probe the underwater world of bass to show how they feed, where they feed and how you can target trophy fish. The single-sided, double-layered DVD contains the entire content from an early video (digitally re-mastered) produced in 1998 plus an additional 2 DVDs worth of new content covering a host of contemporary tips and techniques...it’s like getting three DVDs for the price of one –three hours of content!

The fishing grounds range from Massachusetts to New York and the cast of talent is a proverbial who’s who in the world of striper fishing: Capt. Bob Rocchetta, Capt. Nick Karas, Capt. Buddy Vanderhoop, Capt. Brian Vanderhoop, Captain Capt. Skip Stritzinger, Chuck Masso, Capt. Blaine Anderson, Capt. Doug Jowett, Lou Tabory, Capt. Jim White, Capt. Duane Lynch, Capt. Ken Zwirko, Capt. Ryan Sansoucy, Lefty Kreh, Dan Blanton and Steve McKenna.

The content of this DVD is the culmination of over 12 years of filming and diving effort. No matter how you fish, whether it’s from shore or a boat, whether you fish with spinning, fly or conventional tackle this DVD will help you catch more and larger fish.

Just watching Lefty Kreh tying his legendary deceiver fly or watching a 40 pound striper being landed in the surf at night is worth the $29.95 price of the DVD. As always, this DVD comes with the guarantee that the only place you’ll see more stripers is in your dreams.

over 3 hours

DVD - Secrets of the Striper Pros - Volume 1 & 2