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DVD - Rivers of a Lost Coast

At the turn of the 20th Century, a handful of pioneers carried their fly rods into California's remote north coast and gave birth to a culture that would revolutionize their sport. For a select few, steelhead fly fishing became an obsessive pursuit without compromise.

Leading the pack was the mythical, Bill Schaadt, an off-kilter angler famous for his ruthless pursuit to be 'in the fish.' The new endeavor was ruled by a demanding, unspoken code, which made 'breaking in' almost as difficult as 'breaking out.'

By the early 1980s, the Golden State's coastal fisheries found themselves caught in a spiraling decline. As California searched for its disappearing salmon and steelhead, these men foraged for their souls.

See how our coastal rivers looked not too long ago, and how they could look again.

The Rivers of a Lost Coast DVD includes:

  • The award-winning feature film
  • Never before seen extra footage
  • Deleted scenes
  • Bonus features
  • A beautiful 41-page color insert booklet with original writings from Russ Chatham, Peter Moyle, Jack Berryman and Conrad Calimpong.
  • Directors’ Statement
    The rapid decline of our planet’s fisheries is well documented. The devastated fisheries of northern California are a microcosm of the planet’s larger problems. Once a major salmon producing region, in 2008 state and federal agencies agreed upon a complete closure of ocean and recreational ocean fishing off the California coast.

    While much attention has turned to the crippled commercial fishing industry, Rivers of a Lost Coast examines the situation through the unique, little-known history of California’s north coast fly fishing community. From this rare perspective, our documentary provides a symbolic, melancholy reflection on a wild California that has been lost to the growing metropolis.

    Rivers of a Lost Coast follows California’s coastal fly fishing community through the rise and collapse of one of the world’s most magical fisheries. To some, this is a story about time and place, about a California that was. To others, it is a story about who we are, what we need and where we are going.
    approx 86 min.

    DVD - Rivers of a Lost Coast