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DVD - Fly Fish TV: Nymphing by the Numbers

Breaking dow all the parts of a complete nymphing system and explaining them in detail is just the start of this production. Kelly Galloup takes you step-by-step from the rigging board to the water, and gives you concise and repeated demonstrations that you will be able to remember and apply. He also includes tips that can make the difference between an average and exceptional day on the water.

Nymphing is the most effective way to catch trout, so take this opportunity to learn from a master the reasons and means to do it right. Discover six basic ways to assemble nymphing rigs, the dimensions and knots you need to configure them, how to select and apply a variety of indicators and weights, what nymphs are best and in what position, and where and how to make an optimum presentation.

120 min.

Kelly Galloup is an author, guide, and fly fishing outfitter who lives on the banks of the Madison River in Montana. His books and dvds have been reviewed as some of the most innovative to come to the sport in decades. Galloup's articles appear on a regular basis in a number of fly fishing perodicals and he is as well an at large editor for Fly Fisherman magazine. His most acclaimed titles have been Streamer Fishing For Trophy Trout and Tying Cripplers and Spinners.

DVD - Fly Fish TV: Nymphing by the Numbers