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DVD - A Love Affair with Angling: Disk 2 The Love Deepens

This second DVD in the series, A Love Affair with Angling, has Dr Lyon, author of the award winning Angling in the Smile of the Great Spirit with his humorous foil and Grump Master companion, Dr. Giuliano, interviewing the most skilled ice fishermen, fly tiers and anglers in the Northeast, extracting their secret tips and techniques as well as their art.
Its the most comprehensive ice fishing how-to tutorial and coverage ever produced on video, featuring Master Angler Yo Adrian Lavoie - the Lake Winnipesauke guide who has never been skunked and who guarantees his clients fish or they don't have to pay.
This DVD is a distillation of 30 hours of video capturing the folklore of ice fishing, fly tying, streamer fly fishing, the culinary are of cooking lake fish, passing it on to the next generation with occasional humorous rumblings from the popular Grump Master of the first DVD in the series. This unique DVD is a companion to Dr. Lyon's book, and is produced and directed by Dr. Giuliano, videographer, artist, and actor.


  • Introduction to the Culture of Ice Fishing
  • The ABCs of Ice Fishing how to do it with Yo Adrien Lavoie
  • The finer points of ice fishing (cutting a hole, cleaning it, using tip ups, jigging, fish finders, baits and lures, cusk fishing, perch fishing, and lake trout)
  • Streamer Fly Tying for lake fishing
  • Streamer Fly Casting
  • More detailed Fly Tying
  • Fly Trolling
  • Bait & Lure Trolling
  • Preparing and Cooking Lake Fish
  • Where did the salmon come from?
  • Closing credits & Theme song, Angling in the Smile of the Great Spirit A companion to Dr. Lyon s award winning book Angling in the Smile of the Great Spirit.
    A Deep Waters Press Production

    108 minutes

  • DVD - A Love Affair with Angling: Disk 2 The Love Deepens
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