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D - 12 Color Ice Dub Dispensers

Great sparkle and it dubs beautifully. A perfect dub to add some attractive glitter to your nymphs and wet flies. The UV versions change color with the sun which is sure to a catch the attention of even the most well fed trout. Particularly good on steelhead flies which are fished in the sun.

Dispenser II (above) Includes: UV Lt Yellow, Peacock Black, UV Pink, Rusty Brown, Holo Silver, UV Tan, Chocolate Brown, UV Cinnamon, Golden Brown, Holo Chartreuse, Hot Yellow
Dispenser I (left) Includes: Peacock, UV Lt.Olive, UV Black, UV Shrimp, UV Red, Olive Brown, Olive, Chartreuse, UV Pearl, Caddis Green, Orange, Pearl Steelhead Dispenser (below) Includes: UV Black, Chartreuse, UV Fl Hot Pink, UV Hot Orange, Hot Yellow, Orange, Silver Holo, UV Shrimp Pink, Fl Shell Pink, UV Purple. UV Pearl, UV Lavender

D - 12 Color Ice Dub Dispensers