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UFM - Skok's Blind Crab - Brown

Easily one of our top 5 surf patterns. Great imitation of a Sand Crab. Has a little bigger lead eyes than most patterns which allows you to stay down when there is a big swell or in a strong current. A must have for the surf.

From Dave Skok: Mole crabs are an under appreciated striped food source. I’m convinced that most sight-fishing refusals are due to the striped bass’ proclivity to this diminutive crustacean. Mole crabs are prevalent from Cape Cod, south to Florida, and again on the Left Coast. I’ve done well sight-fishing with them both on ocean beaches and in estuaries, from Long Island north to Casco Bay. It’s tied with a natural hare’s ear-colored magnum zonker strip over an underbody of EZEE Bug, bleached elk and 4 wiggly legs of barred cream Spanflex. Tied on a stainless steel hook, this pattern also make a good deepwater bonefish and permit fly.

UFM - Skok's Blind Crab - Brown

Sz 6 Orange Eye